Brownie Pottery Badge Info

When girls have earned this badge, they’ll know how to make their own projects out of clay.

Activity #1: Anjee Mai Creations Studio Tour
Badge Connection: Step 1—Find some pottery & Step 2—Get to know clay
Girls will spend time looking at the clay art—sculptures, earrings, wall-hangings, magnets—displayed around the studio. 
Anjee will answer questions
Two or three girls will help set up sculpting stations during this time

Activity #2: Coil a Pot
Badge Connection: Step 3—Make a simple pot & Step 2—Get to know clay
Anjee will instruct the troop in making coil pots with polymer clay

Activity #3: Sculpt a Clay Figure
Badge Connections: Step 4—Make an art piece & Step 2—Get to know clay
Anjee will instruct the troop in sculpting figurines with polymer clay

Activity #4: Troop time
(This is downtime for all but two or three girls who will help set up glazing stations. Plan to keep girls occupied.)

Activity #5: Glaze your Piece
Badge Connection: Step 5—Paint and glaze!
Anjee will describe glaze options and instruct troop on how to glaze their sculptures

Wrap Up
Once the glazes are dry, the troop will take a group photo
Each girl will take their pieces home following the workshop
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