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When girls have earned this badge, they’ll know how to make an original stop-motion film using figures they’ve sculpted themselves along with their own story. 

Activity #1: Lay the Creative Groundwork
Badge Connection: Step 2—Choose a story to tell
Anjee will lead a discussion about what will work well for claymation projects.
Girls will brainstorm ideas for characters and stories and sets.

Activity #2: Make a Storyboard
Badge Connection: Step 3—Draw it out
Anjee will instruct the troop in making a story board to plan the sequence of the girls’ claymation film

Activity #3: Sculpt Characters & Build a Set
Badge Connections: Step 3—Draw it out
Anjee will instruct the troop in sculpting figurines with polymer clay and building a set that will serve as the scene of the film

Activity #4: Shoot the Pictures
Badge Connection: Step 4—Frame it in four panels
Girls will take a series of approximately 200 to 300 photos of their characters on set
They will use an app to create a 20-30 second stop-motion animated film

Activity #5: Record the Audio
Badge Connection: Step 5—Add the words
Girls will narrate their film.

Wrap Up
Anjee will email the film to each girl’s family 
Anjee will also post the film at the Anjee Mai Creations YouTube channel and on her Facebook page
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