Corporate Team Building

corporate team building

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Why not try something new and different the next time you are looking for a team building activity? Anjee will custom-design a three hour workshop for you and your team. 

Your team will work on a collaborative piece together, which can be based on your organization’s mission, purpose or identity. Or, it can be based on your product, service or logo. Or, it can be based on an annual goal your team is trying to reach. Whatever you want to do, you’ll do. 

Participants will leave with the experience of creating something great together that they can take back to the office. The piece, whatever it is, will act as a reminder of the shared experience and the values behind it. 

Our Corporate Team Building events are perfect for employees who are a part of a small business or part of a team in a large corporation. 

Minimum of 4 participants and a maximum of 14 in our studio, or 30 in your office. Pricing varies; contact us for more information. (link to contact us page) 
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