Junior Jeweler Badge Info

When girls have earned this badge, they’ll know how to make different kinds of jewelry with clay.

Activity #1: Anjee Mai Creations Studio Tour
Badge Connection: Step 1—Get to know the tools of the trade
Girls will spend time looking at the clay art—earrings and necklace pendants plus sculptures, wall-hangings and magnets—displayed around the studio. 
Anjee will answer questions
Two or three girls will help set up sculpting stations during this time

Activity #2: Make a Pendant, Pin or Earrings
Badge Connection: Step 2—Make jewelry with metal & Step 4—Create jewelry inspired by another culture
Anjee will instruct the troop in making:
      - a polymer clay pendant for a necklace
      - a polymer clay sculpture to attach to a bar pin
      - two tiny polymer clay sculptures for post earrings
Girls will be able to use letter cutouts, letter stamps or other designs to make impressions in the clay and can use these techniques to create their own symbols as described in Step 4 (name pendant from Egypt)

Activity #3: Make Polymer Clay Beads
Badge Connections: Step 3—Turn everyday objects into jewelry
Anjee will instruct the troop in forming beads with polymer clay

Activity #4: Make a Clay Jewelry Piece to Share
Badge Connections: Step 5—Make a sparkling gift
Using what they have learned, girls will design and make a piece of their choice to give to a friend or family member

Activity #6: Glaze your Pieces
Two or three girls will help set up glazing stations
Anjee will describe glaze options and instruct troop on how to glaze their pieces

Wrap Up
Once the glazes are dry, the troop will take a group photo
Each girl will take their pieces home following the workshop
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